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David Tune

David Tune, of Creek and Navajo descent, was born July 21,1955, in Winslow Arizona. He was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Oklahoma. David's motivation to create jewelry began in 1976, when he was commissioned to design the jewelry for the March of Dimes Poster Child and President Ford's senate.

David has been creating jewelry for over 16 years, as well as teaching High School for two of those years. In 1987, after winning countless awards, he was forced to resign himself from his art due to cancer. He was cured of his cancer by his uncle, and with pride and self-determination, returned in 1994 to his passion of creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Like other excellent artists, the work of David Tune's work is distinctive and easily recognizable. Working primarily with sterling silver and gold, David uses multi-colors of coral, turquoise, lapis, sugilite, mother of pearl, opal, and various other materials in combination with his dramatic stamp work. His colorful and innovative inlays in his jewelry are inspired by the aerial views of the earth that he sees from hot-air ballooning and skydiving. His creations include rings, necklaces, bolos, bracelets, earrings, and concho belts. David feels that every marking on his jewelry has spiritual meaning.


Gold Division-Gallup Ceremonial, New Mexico 1983 to 1986

Grand Master- Boulder, Colorado 1985 and 1986

Grand Master- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1985

Morning America Show 1984

Various Galleries Awards 1979 to 1987

Honorable Mention New Mexico State Fair 1996

Third Place- Rapid City, South Dakota Juried Art Show 1997

1st Merit- Gold Division Indian Art Show-Lawrence, KS 1997