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Tina Sparks

Tina specializes in cutwork, appliqué, quilting, embroidery and threadpainting (free-motion stichery). She says, “My primary artistic expression is in rich and varied textiles—fabrics and threads appear as paint to me and the sewing machine the brush.”

Often, her pieces are inspired by visions or dreams, nature, stories she’s heard and told (all within the oral tradition of indigenous teaching). “As part of my process, I allow inspiration to come through me—working more closely with spirit than the artistic mind. Part of my process is to acknowledge that every step I take and every stitch I make is to be a prayer. I routinely smudge all of the materials that I use—including the space I work in, to create a sacred space.”

A self-trained Native American artist, Tina walks a committed spiritual path. “To honor my traditional spiritual spirit, the community, our ancestors, our sacred ground, and all living things, I have narrowed my artistic focus to Native American culture, images, and symbols. Additionally, our people have always honored with great regard the warriors that have protected our sacred land.”

Tina Sparks’ beautiful shirts are in no other store in the country. We are truly honored Tina chose Tanner Chaney to represent her wonderful, inspiring art.