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Howard Sice


"Since the beginning of humankind, we have sought to express the way which we see the magic of our environment." This sentiment captures the essence of the art created by Howard Sice, a Hopi-Laguna artist. He was born on May 25th in Winslow, Arizona and then raised in the Laguna Pueblo of Paraje. He spent many seasons with his aunts in the Walapi, Kyosmovi, and Polacca villages on the Hopi reservation. Therefore, both the Laguna and Hopi cultures are strongly reflected in his designs.

In 1972, Howard began teaching himself the trade of tradition-style silver and goldsmithing. By 1985 he added engraving to his repertoire. The tradition designs he used in his engravings created a unique style of art that can only be identified as a Sice Design. The use of silver, gold, stones, rare earth, and exotic metals have only added to the artistic interpretation. The addition of furnishings and sculptures, in steel and glass, only reflect Howard's view of his work and life. "Surprise the senses, challenge the normal, change the future".


In 1990 he received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Human Resources Management from Park College in Parkville, Missouri.


20 year career in the United States Air Force: Vietnam Veteran 1969-1970


Best of Show: Northern Arizona Museum Hopi Show 1990 & 1999
Best of Show: Sharlot Hall Museum - Prescott, Arizona 1999
1st Place: Heard Museum - Phoenix, Arizona
Master Artist for SWAIA
Phoenix Governor's Arts Award: 1993
Squaw Peak Parkway: Designer for 4 Water acoustic Vessels 1992 - Phoenix, Arizona
Several 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Most Innovative Designs: Eight Northern Indian-Pueblo Show
Bob Davis Award and SWAIA Fellowship Recipient: Santa Fe Indian Market
Central Avenue Project 1990: 100 medallions for street beautification - Phoenix, Arizona
Magna Copper World Corporate Office: Copper Medallions
Snell Wilmer Law Offices: Commissions: Medallions Series for Lobby - Phoenix, Arizona
"The Peaks": Project for a Senior Living Community