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Bruce Morgan
Navajo Artist

Bruce has worked in silver and gold over half his life and has been a featured artist at Tanner Chaney Gallery for over two decades. He is sought out as a mentor by other artists who hope to learn the painstaking process of overlaying gold onto sterling silver. He makes every piece by hand, always with an eye to detail and with commitment to his high standards. Perhaps another reason for the popularity of his creations, is his particular style of classic lines that are beautiful, yet understated, to be appreciated daily as a wearable art. He is always the first to keep the customer in mind, another reason we are honored to represent Bruce at our Gallery.

Navajoland is a place of striking beauty and stark contrasts. Redrock spires reach to Father Sky. Canyons cut jagged chasms to the heart of Mother Earth. The Holy Ones dwell on snow-capped mountains and look down on weathered dunes painted in pastels. The people who live here, call themselves the Diné. You can see the reflection of this great landscape in their appearance: sun-warmed skin, keen eyes to see across the vastness of their homeland, and a quietness to hear the wind’s whispered words of wisdom. Unlike the land, however, which does not change, the Navajo have taken what they like of their cultures while keeping their own beliefs secure and vital.

The best of the Navajo craftsmen exemplify this ability of remaining open to innovation while honoring the power of strong traditions.