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Award-winning and world renowned Mary Coriz Lovato of Santo Domingo Pueblo (deceased) created this 5-Strand Pink Coral and Turquoise Necklace with Inlaid Cloud Design Enhancer. The 5 strands of beautifully matched Angel Skin coral measure approximately 27" including approximately 3" of silver beads at each end. The enhancer features inlaid gold lip mother of pearl, turquoise, jet and coral, and measures 2 1/4" by 1 5/8" at the widest

Item Number: 56919 ... Price: $2,500.00

Zuni artist Albert Pewa created this Sterling Silver Multi-Color Mosaic Inlay Choker. Beautiful inlay in hallmark Zuni colors, in a hinged collar designed to lay flat. Choker measures approximately 19", including handmade chain up each side.

Item Number: 56917 ... Price: $280.00

Zuni artists Alex and Marylita Boone, created this Sterling Silver Multi-Color Mosaic Inlay Choker. The design and colors are hallmarks of Zuni. The choker measures approximately 17", with the inlaid part in a scallop shape 1 1/4" at the widest, and designed with two hinged sections to lay flat.

Item Number: 56916 ... Price: $280.00

Zuni artist Tony Ohmsatte created this Sterling silver Inlay Apache Fire Dancer Bracelet (Circa 2000). Beautiful inlay on luminescent mother of pearl background. The dancer's legs are raised inlay of melon shell. Other materials include turquoise, jet and coral. The bracelet is 1" across and will fit a 6 1/2" wrist, including an opening of 1".

Item Number: 56912 ... Price: $495.00

Unknown Santo Domingo Pueblo artist created this circa 1980's 10-strand multi-color heishi jocla necklace. The necklace is 26 1/2" in length (including the 4 1/2" chain), and features melon shell, jet, red coral and stabilized turquoise heishi. The "jocla" hangs down 3 1/2", including the 1/2" depth of the disc. The disc is actually three discs: two of jet, one of turquoise, one of melon shell.

Item Number: 56908 ... Price: $1,495.00

Acoma Pueblo artist Tony B. Chino created this unique slide. Corn-row inlay of natural Kingman turquoise and lapis encircles the whole circumference. The sterling sides are hand-stamped, and within the spinner are silver balls that make a low rolling sound. Tony calls the piece a Singing Wheel. It measures approximately 1 1/8" in diameter and approximately 3/8" wide (where inlaid). The strap is adjustable.

Item Number: 56907 ... Price: $250.00

Navajo artist Sylvana Apache created this sterling silver micro mosaic inlay bear Shiprock pendant. The pendant is 2" in height (including 1/2" bale) by 2" wide and features jet, jasper, apple coral, mother-of-pearl, jasper, sugilite, gaspeite and stabilized turquoise.

Item Number: 56905 ... Price: $395.00

Award-winning Santo Domingo Pueblo artist Joseph Coriz created this sterling silver overlay story pendant. The turtle pendant measures 2" long (including a 1/4" bale), by 1 1/8" at widest point and features the Pueblo and a basket of sacred corn all blessed by a starry night, including a 14k moon.

Item Number: 56902 ... Price: $195.00

Circa 1950's Unknown Navajo Sterling Silver Natural Morenci Turquoise 2-Stone Bracelet. Two gorgeous Morenci stones and a handsome, solid bracelet make this unforgettable. Bracelet inside measurement is approximately 5", and the opening is 1 1/8".

Item Number: 56901 ... Price: $495.00

Vintage Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nuggets 24" Necklace. Beautiful nuggets, carefully picked for size and matching color.

Item Number: 56862 ... Price: $395.00

Zuni artist Calavasa created this Sterling Silver Natural Multi-Color Inlay Pin/Pendant. A vintage piece with beautiful raised inlay and four slender dangles at the bottom. Handcut stones include coral and turquoise. The piece measures 3 7/8" to the bottom of the dangles, by 1 1/8" at the widest.

Item Number: 56861 ... Price: $160.00

Award winning artist, Angie Crespin of Santo Domingo Pueblo, created this Stabilized Turquoise Necklace with pendant. The necklace is handground and graduated, and measures 18 1/2" including a 2" extender. The pendant is approximately 1 1/2" in diameter.

Item Number: 56846 ... Price: $375.00

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