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Award winning artist Joseph Coriz from Santo Domingo Pueblo, created this Sterling Silver and stabilized Turquoise Heishi "Blessings" Necklace. This significant piece showcases his signature style of Pueblo storytelling in overlay. Shooting stars and ancient petroglyphs of sacred hands and celestial blessings are among the symbols representing the connectedness of the people to their world. Clouds bring rain and crooked arrows of lightning, bringing blessings, cleansing, rebirth and beginning of life (symbolized by water forming). At the center is a peaceful Pueblo in harmony, symbolized by corn. All enveloped within the powerful symbol of the turtle, representing home, perseverence, and peace. The hand fashioned clasp at the top is set with Kingman turquoise. Five strands of hand-rolled stabilized Kingman turquoise bind together the Pueblo to the earth and the sky. The necklace measures 21 3/4", including the connector at the top of the necklace, which measures approximately 2". The pendant measures 2 1/4" by 1 3/4" across.

Item Number: 55242 ... Price: $1,375.00

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